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Our Partnerships

Partnerships are about organizations finding ways to work together successfully, and avoid “re-inventing wheels”. Building relationships and facilitating effective communication among working partners is one of our most important underlying goals. To that end we have developed networks with our partners in order to reach more schools, community centers, libraries and clinics.  We maximize resources by bringing our groups together. AFK is blessed to have among its partners wonderful charities located in the United States and in Kenya.

 AFK Network Partners

AFK operates in partnership with a series of networks across Kenya. Each network consists of schools, and in some cases, libraries and community health centers. The largest networks include 50 schools and the smallest 4 or 5. All of them are headed by a volunteer network leader who communicates with AFK about the needs of the entire network and distributes books, medical and library supplies and other items in our shipments.During our summer trips to Kenya we visit as many of the networks as possible, hold health training sessions, library development workshops, and professional development programs for teachers, schools administrators and parents. The network leaders follow up and schedule meetings of their own throughout the year. As resources permit, AFK organizes national or regional conferences for network leaders in different areas.The system began in late 2008 with the formation of networks in Meru, Kikuyu, and Ruiru. These three original networks are blessed with devoted, passionate, and dynamic network leaders. Their track record of success is amazing. Through their leadership and partnership with AFK, network schools have made demonstrable and steady progress in raising national exam scores, improving classroom performance, creating school and community libraries, and instituting professional development programs for teachers.Also in late 2008, AFK formed a partnership with Dr. Mary Kinyanjui, Professor of Developmental Economics at the University of Nairobi. Dr. Kinyanjui designed a program to promote parental involvement in Kenyan village schools and has now piloted the program at 8 schools. AFK features her in many workshops and conferences for network schools and leaders.As the newer networks evolve and mature (current total of 22), they will begin to make the impressive gains of the original three. Signs of that are already happening. AFK is proud to be an important part of that.

Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO)

SHOFCO, a youth organization founded by Kennedy Odede, works with less fortunate youth in the slums of Kibera to empower them to overcome the pressing issues in Kibera: overwhelming poverty, unemployment, unclean environment, lack of good education, of sanitation, of electricity and security, of means of transportation, and the lack of clean water. The general goal of SHOFCO is to help Kiberan youth take leadership in their community, to take on entrepreneurial projects, and to become involved in setting agendas (political, economic, etc.) that keep the Kiberan interests at heart, thus restoring the community. Kennedy was able to get a scholarship to Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT and while there, he and his partner Jessica Posner obtained the grant funding necessary to set up the Kibera School for Girls, the Marcus Garvey Community Library and the Johanna Justin-Jinich Women’s clinic. They do incredible work and continue to& make inroads into the poverty and medical needs of Kibera.You can learn even more about the expansion of their programs in Kibera by going to and see the variety of program being developed and make a contribution to their efforts.

Jamii Outreach Ministries Sanctuary

Jamii is a shelter, haven and informal school for street children in the Kibera slum. Often Jamii is the only protection these pre-school-aged children have against homelessness, violence and hunger. The children come to the center daily where they receive clean clothes, food, a save place to play, some basic medical care and school-readiness activities. AFK has partnered with Jamii to improve their physical facility, provide electricity, send school supplies and set up a small library.

Siaya Community Library


“Siaya community library was founded by John Ahaya Malamba July 2011   registered as a community based organization by the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social development in January 2012 in Siaya County Kenya… John expanded his network operation with more schools in Siaya. 4 secondary schools and 7 Primary schools excluding professional and educational institutions in Siaya County. “ 

The Voluntary Counselors Kenya (VCK)

A group of volunteer counselors performing HIV/AIDS counseling and awareness campaigns through churches, schools, learning institutions etc. The purpose of VCK is to respond to challenges posed by HIV/AIDS related problems in a therapeutic way. This group of counselors is not a carbon copy of other community-based organizations but instead stands on its own and works tirelessly to help the citizens of Kenya through HIV/AIDS counseling, awareness services, campaigns, taking care of orphans and widows who have been affected by HIV/AIDS, creating income generating projects, and supporting women and youth in other myriad ways. We work in partnership with the VCK on our Orphan Sponsorship ProgramJane Kahuthia is the program coordinator and can be reached via email at: or

U.S. Partners


Angels at Bat


Angel’s at Bat started with a 12-year-old Max Bobholz and his family and spread through his community.  They collect new and used baseball equipment for children in Africa.  The organization partners with AFK to help bring items to Kenya, but they also make periodic trips to Africa to lead player and coach camps and delivering equipment.

Days for Girls


 “Days for Girls International is a grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit creating a more dignified, humane and sustainable world for girls through advocacy, reproductive health awareness, education and sustainable feminine hygiene — because no girl should go without. Women and girls discover their potential and self-value, are equal participants and agents of social change and are given opportunities to thrive, grow and contribute to their community’s betterment while ensuring quality sustainable feminine hygiene. Tens of thousands of volunteers and important Alliance partners work together to ensure access to culturally, physically and environmentally hygiene solutions around the globe.“

Mobility Worldwide


“Mobility Worldwide is a faith-based, volunteer-powered, humanitarian, and world-wide organization. U.S. Affiliate Workshops and Mobility Worldwide operate as tax-exempt 501(c)(3) under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.
Mobility Worldwide is not wed to just this particular model of machine. Besides raising funds for building Mobility vehicles, some affiliates collect other used mobility devices such as canes, foldable walkers, crutches, and wheelchairs. Even if they need minor repairs/replacement parts, we receive and send them on to one of our distribution partners, Hope Haven International Ministries, in Iowa. They refurbish used mobility devices and distribute along with our Mobility Carts in over 100 countries to date.”

Cornerstone Project

“Cornerstone Project was founded to provide education and a home for vulnerable children in Kenya. To accomplish this mission, we raise funds for the support, growth and expansion of Nambale Magnet School in a poor and remote area of western Kenya.
We believe that in order for people to enjoy safe, productive lives they must possess a sovereign ability to care for themselves and to have the educational tools that will assure them a respected place in today’s global society. In our projects we encourage the use of ecologically sustainable approaches to preserve the environment.”

WIKS USA [supports Nambale Magnet School]


“WIKS-USA, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, incorporated in Connecticut in 2009. Its goal is to promote quality educational experiences for underprivileged children in Kenya, particularly those orphaned or otherwise rendered vulnerable by the AIDS pandemic. WIKS-USA was formed by Americans who had developed a close personal relationship with Reverend Evalyn Wakhusama, the founder of the Nambale Magnet School, during her time in the United States when she was studying at the Yale Divinity School. Because of the integrity of this relationship, WIKS-USA has focused its efforts exclusively on the support of the Nambale Magnet School: construction, operations, maintenance and capital expansion. We anticipate that this will continue to be our organization’s sole focus in the immediate future.”


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